Your child will enjoy learning the basics of dance in our kids classes.

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Your teenager will learn to dance with expression and skill in our class.

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Demonstrate your talent in the competitive Elite Dance Studio Company.

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A dance studio should excite, challenge, and inspire your dancer. The team at Elite Dance Studio dedicates every day to innovate dance classes that promote your dancer's artistic growth.

We offer a range of dance classes for all ages in all genres--from baby to adult! Click to see class details here.

What makes our studio a good choice for you?

Elite Dance Studio is owned by people who are passionate about sharing dance with learners. We all grew up in the world of dance, where we competed and danced together. More than 20 years of experience guides us when we create lessons for you or your children.

You and your whole family will enjoy our innovative, creative and varied programs.

We work hard to keep variety of classes available at all times. Our teachers are certified in their disciplines, such as early childhood dance and teaching, so that they can provide the best lessons possible. Our team's experience, education and dedication make us a great choice as a dance studio. Students also have the opportunity to perform in Elite Dance Studio's end-of-year recital. Click to see class details here.

Learn about our classes

No matter what kind of classes you're looking for, we have something for you. We host:

Classes Specifically Designed for Children Under Age 7

Classes for Children Ages 8+ Including Beginner and Advanced Levels in Every Genre

Classes for Competitive Team Including Performances at Regional & National Competitions

Call (508)527-0013 today to learn more about classes. We'll answer your questions and share information on our classes and pricing. We offer a 10% sibling discount and 50% discount for boys enrolled.

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